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I Tell Ghost Stories While on Twitch


If you came on my tour and thought, "This guy probably knows a lot of ghost stories he's not telling." You would be correct. 

On my Annapolis Maryland Tour, I tell stories about Annapolis Maryland. Much of what I find wouldn't be relevant.

I collect ghost stories from all over the world. I constantly study folk lore and strange macabre history, and I love telling them.

If you catch me streaming, you can catch some of my international ghost stories.

I'm Making a Deck of Tarot Cards

That's right, I'm an artist. I went to SCAD to study writing for comic books. Life took a strange turn for me when I got super into ghost hunting in Savannah. But, you know, These days I'm making a deck of Tarot cards. 

I call it "The Crystal Galaxy Tarot". The concept is the cards depict beautiful moments and mystical scenes on planets in a distant galaxy which doesn't suffer from the Fermi Paradox. All the meaning of the Tarot without the Faries and Angels found on every boring deck...

I'm making this deck for me! I just want to be able to bust out my own deck and start dropping cards with a sinister grin. I'll probably give you a tarot reading if you ask. 


I Stream Dark Games you've Probably Never Heard of...


Such as The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker. A strange game from England that has some wonderfully dark storytelling.


Any way these are all things I do on stream. Also I own a theremin and will play it from time to time on stream... 

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