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Aloysius Savant - An Artistic Soul

2021-2022 11x17 Tarot Illustrations

     These tarot cards are hand drawn on 11x17 Bristol paper with non-photo blue pencil. I then ink over the pencil using various Micron pens. I scan them, and color them digitally. I call this deck "The Crystal Galaxy Tarot" and I aim to make the images in a surrealist psychedelic style combining futuristic people, buildings, and settings with medieval clothing, symbolism, and other aesthetics. I hope this creates a strange dream-like world.

     These images are drawn to reflect my study of and love for the deep mysticism of the tarot deck. And are heavily inspired from decks such as, The Hermetic TarotBianco Nero Tarot, Illuminated Tarot and a few books of tarot mysticism, primarily Amy M. Wall's The Tarot of Awakening. They are drawn more for my own personal study and growing skill than to have a deck for sale or profit.

     If you are curious to see my coloring process, you will find The Moon contains a YouTube video where I show the coloring process. 

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The Devil (COLORINGthumbnail.png
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