Tour Starts at 1 Dock Street Nightly


The Simplest way to find the starting location is to open up your smart phone and type "1 Dock Street" Into your Smart Phone.

Here is a link to Google Maps with a Pin in the Starting Location:

This Starting location has Bathrooms, Vending Machines and everything you will need at the start of the tour.

90 Minute Tour Ends at The State House

Conveniently located in the center of the downtown City. Just next to Main Street. And a hop or two away from where you parked your car.


Bonus Tour Goes to St. Johns College


The most haunted place in Annapolis.

Obviously, once we start pushing the 90 minute mark, people are going to drop off, and Mothers often choose not to hear the gut-wrenching final tale of the Freed Slave -- Henry Davis.

There is parking all around the campus of St. Johns College. And If you are anticipating joining on the bonus content, you could park here and skip the walk and conversation back to 1 Dock Street.

Here is a link to the Google Maps pin of St. Johns College

A stroll down Prince George back to Dock St.

I always walk the guests who make it through the gauntlet back down to 1 Dock Street. The historic homes along Prince George are simply breath taking. I usually have a couple quick spooky stories to tell along the way. 

We can also just chat and I'm always down to sit down at a a table and make conversation after the tour. I really do this job because I love the people and the conversations.