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Children Strongly Discouraged.

(Strong language & scary for adults) This warning is as strongly worded as I can manage.


Please do not arrive drunk. Please help me maintain the quality experience for all my guests.

The  Maiden  Voyage  Walking  Tour

After Sunset - 365 Days a Year
$22.99 per guest
​90 Minute Walking Tour + Encore for Those Who  Choose to Linger

Tours Begin at 1 Dock Street (DON'T BE LATE)

Did you know Maryland has a long and fascinating history of witch trials? Haunted Harbor focuses strongly on the history and ghost investigations The owner of the company is the tour guide. We focus on the story, the horror and the history. We don't tell baseless urban legends and staple folklore which you will hear repeated throughout the country.  If you have toured every city across the country, or are taking a ghost tour for the first time, you will not leave disappointed!!! We are the best and darkest tour in Annapolis. 



(Above) Burning of the Peggy Stewart ~ Francis Blackwell Mayer ~ Oil on canvas, 1896


(Top of Page) Francis Blackwell Mayor - Francis Street - 1827

The Owner, Researcher and Soul Tour Guide

Aloysius Martin

Aloysius has been preforming ghost tours sense 2011. He began in Savannah. Georgia at a haunted Mansion confirmed haunted by the Ghost Hunters. He worked for only the best Savannah ghost companies. And was even part of a filmed Television Pilot which was pitched to Sci-Fi and Travel Channel but did not make it beyond editing. Though he began this career as an absolute skeptic has had many encounters with things from beyond the veil.  Some of which will be told on tour, all of which will be told when asked between locations. He spends his day reading obscure non-fiction histories and newspaper archives.

As a gift, here is a free ringtone. Its the Dies Irae on a Theremin. I commissioned an Italian composer to record it, because I'm really weird. 

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